Two portuguese brothers and programmers, with a passion for gaming since childhood and with a strong will to show to the world some of our creations.

Banana Catch

  • Banana Catch is the result of a four hour hackathon experience.
    It happended the day after a football game where someone threw a banana to a player on the field, with a racist attitude. The inexpected happened when the player picks up the banana and eats it.
    There was a boom all over the news and social networks congratulating the football player. We decided to give our own congratulations to that player making a game where people could prevent bananas from falling on the football field. The game had to be finnished on that night, therefore we had little time to accomplish it.
    It took us four hours to imagine, design, program and publish Banana Catch on Google Play, it was quite a challenge!

    Here it is:

  • Banana Catch

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