Two portuguese brothers and programmers, with a passion for gaming since childhood and with a strong will to show to the world some of our creations.

About Digital Media Arts

We are a development team composed of two brothers who always had the dream of making games.
It all started when we were children (six and nine years old) and our parents bought us an Atari. We were so amazed! It was so much fun playing with those games, trying out new tactics to beat levels, beating each other’s scores... you know the feeling :)
Few years later a spectrum entered our houses and it was awesome. Spectrum gave us a lot of fun, but the best part is that it also gave us the sensibility to "understand" the work and the art behind video games.
Our older member started programming very young on spectrum and quickly our father figured out that we needed something more.

After that we were given a PC and that's when the true passion for programming came. Also, we never stopped playing, of course.
A few years and some PCs later, we both graduated in computer science and took our paths in different jobs, but the dream never died.
We have our own jobs and families right now but we decided to take some of our time and do what has to be done... Digital Media Arts!

DMA Apps

Other Projects

This area shows other projects/experiences apart from our portfolio.